photography by erik svensson

Ferry to and from Gotland
Rauker, Faro,Gotland
A known local jewelry artist is locking for special stones
Typical house on the Island
Early morning
Bellflowers,blaklocka in Swedish
Fishing Village from the 1700th
Out house
Commune toilets was common in the1700 th-1800th th. A meeting place with long conversations

and even had few drinks while doing the business. Very civilized, I say.
Medieval Week is a festival on Gotland island of Sweden.During the week in the beginning of Aug to Aug.10.During the week,regularly dressed tourists are out numbered by people dressed in Medieval costumes.
40 Thousand visitor during the Medieval week
The Medieval Jousting is the most spectacular of sporting events one performance take about 80 minutes
The jousting tournament show all week.
Kutens Bensin,Creperie and Teater. The owner is portrayed in his favorite car, he drives from time to time to promote Kutens in Faro Broskogs Gotland
Thomas , is a  priest in one of the 92 Medieval churches in Gotland 
They are  92 Churches on the island, most of them are from the  Medieval time.
Kocksarna, created a sport in the 1700th.The handmade clubs was for spreading cow dung in the fields. Kocksarna, in their free time started to hit small rocks in to rabbit holes as a game. Now they play on many golf courses,and has been invite to play in Scotland every year.
Hand made clubs.
Goes with out saying, they are more sheep than people on Gotland
Not so crowded. Camping is free almost everywhere on the island.Please wisit my web site