• I built a 48 foot sail boat out of ferro cement in Johannesburg, South Africa, a 7 year project.  Launched in Durban. On the maiden voyage to CapeTown known as the Skeleton Coast, where I almost got shipwrecked. Crossed the Atlantic 3 times , sailed for 8 years.  Photo:Erik Gronlund

  • Featured in Swedish magazines over a period of 3 years. Photo Steve Hylen
  • The Icehotel in Jukaasjarvi, Sweden. I spent a period of a year documenting the construction of the Icehotel. It was a fascinating project but cold, (sometimes  -40C). All images were shot on film; reloading was an agonizing task in this environment. Imagine it being pitch black at 2PM from December to February, and happy hour starting way too early. The project's end result was to make a table-top book. The Ice Camera was made by one of the creator of the IceHotel, Ake Larsson. Photo Lars Magnus Jansson

  • The ice hotel in Jukkasjarvi, Sweden. A year long book project.
  • Outback, Australia
  •  Hippo's is the most vicious animals in Africa.
  • Zambezi river. Zimbabwe, Crocodiles  and Hippo's by the hundreds, therefore a bath far from the river bank.
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About some adventures
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